We raise Katahdin Hair Sheep which are an American Hertiage Breed. They were developed in Maine by Michael Piel. He imported several wool-less sheep from the Caribbean and crossed them with various British breeds. After many years of breeding he had a foundation stock that exhibited the qualities he wanted – easy lambing, good mothers, hearty, shedding coat and thrived on pasture.

Our orginal herd of ewes came from a kind old Amish man who took the time and interest to carefully explain to us how to successfully raise sheep. Our sheep are valuable members of our farm family and never cease to delight us with their antics.

They are pasture raised and finished, grazing alongside the cattle. We bring them up to the front pasture every evening to protect them from coyotes. They have 2 pasture equine companions, Katie and Leeta, full sized donkeys who are suppose to be protecting them, but are more often enjoying each other’s company instead of paying attention to the sheep!

We feed our own alfalfa hay in the winter as well as organic mineral, apple cider vinegar and lots of fresh veggies from the garden. Our sheep love onions and squash!  Visiting with the sheep, lambs and donkies is one of the favorite pastimes of visitors to our farm. They are friendly and curious and will keep you laughing for hours.

Lamb is a lean, healthy meat that is mild and flavorful. Our lambs are not given hormones, antibiotics or chemical wormers, so you can buy with confidence knowing you will be enjoying clean, nutritious meat.