We have a delightful mixture of laying hens. The brown egg layers are Golden Comets and Araucanas are the breed that lay our famous blue, green and rose colored eggs known for their rich, deep orange yolks. All of the chickens here on our farm are truly free range. They come and go as they please, spending their day scratching, pecking, chasing bugs and enjoying treats from the produce patch. Their natural diet is supplemented with nonGMO corn, oats, oyster shell, organic minerals and apple cider vinegar.  They receive no hormones or antibiotics.

Our meat birds are a French variety called LaRouge. The meat is lean and flavorful with just a bit of beautiful, bright yellow fat. These are the breed of chicken most commonly seen in the French open air markets. Perfect for baking, stewing or sautéing. You will be delighted with the flavor!  They, also, spend their life outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. And, of course, receive no hormones or antibiotics.