Heartland Family Farm offers a wonderful selection of pastured raised, grass fed and finished Santa Gertudis beef and Katadin lamb. Heirloom pigs are pastured raised and their diet supplemented with lots of garden produce, restaurant scraps, organic minerals and nonGMO corn and oats. Our chickens, both layers and meat birds, are truly free range. They are outside year round forging for insects, taking dust baths and living as chickens were meant to live.

Our animals are not just commodities to us – they are a valuable and important part of our farm environment.  They provide loads of manure to nourish our soils, keep our pastures healthy with rotational grazing and provide endless hours of entertainment with their antics.  They spend their days in sunshine, fresh air, drinking clean, chemical free well water and simply enjoying life.  It’s a wonderful stree-free environment and results in some of the best flavored meat you will ever eat!