Featured Produce

Spring is trying its best to come to the farm!  The winds have been wild, the rain has come in buckets and the tempatures are all over the board, but the field grown, winter survivors have prevailed! Bright lights Swiss chard, spinach, red russian kale, braising greens and beautiful cilantro are available at the Bloomington Farmers Market.  Green onions, salad mix, radishes, rhubarb, mint, oregano and lots of other early season goodies will be maturing as the season begins to warm.

Strawberry, blackberry and raspberry jams as well as mixed berry jelly, heirloom tomato ketsup, dried apples, heirloom popcorn, frozen strawberries, frozen blackberries and dried beans are also available.

We have a lot of pork, beef and lamb cuts. If you are looking for something in particular, just email us by Thursday evening and we can bring it to the market on Saturday.

The hens have really picked up laying those beautiful green, blue, rose and brown eggs – perfect for frittatas and omlets.

We will be at the Bloomington Farmers Market each Saturday, April through November, 8am – 1pm.

Our tables are in the direct center of the market – the middle of the table isle (not under the awnings).