Our chickens are truly free range birds.  They spend their days exploring the great outdoors – chasing insects, rolling in the dust, drinking cool, refreshing well water – living just as a chicken is meant to live. They are fed tons of veggies from the gardens, non GMO corn and oats (NO soy products), organic minerals, oyster shell and kelp. What a life!  The result are incredible eggs with bright orange yolks and delicious flavor.  Golden Comets are the birds that lay our rich brown eggs. They are a modern bred established by breeding a Rhode Island Red male with a Rhode Island White female. They are robust and hardy, well adapted to their year round outside life.  The green, blue or rose colored eggs are produced by a breed imported from Chili called Araucanas or Ameraucanas. They are wild and wily, very adept at living on open range. They are always the first birds to spot something amiss – a circling hawk, a snake or perhaps an approaching opossum. They sound the alarm and all the birds scatter for cover.  All the birds go in to roost at night to protect them from predators, especially the ever present, abundant coyotoes.

Stop by our booth at the Bloomington Summer or Winter Farmers Market for some truly delicious eggs. Come early, though. They sell out quickly!  Eggs shares are available with the purchase of a CSA share.