Getting Ready for Spring


The seeds are coming in the mail nearly every day now. The herb plug orders are all placed and it is time to start filling the greenhouse trays in preparation for planting. We have a new hoop house going up this spring and new fencing for the sheep pastures. I’m trying to get as much done as possible before the rush of outside work begins.

The CSA enrollment forms are coming in, too. If you are looking for a summer full of wonderful chemical free fruits and veggies, then we’re your farm! ¬†All of our produce is grown with natural amendments such as kelp meal, fish emulsion, natural calcium and good ole composted manures. They nourish our land and it, in return, provides wonderful nutritious fruits and veggies. We also have an egg share available featuring brown eggs from free ranging hens.

You are always welcome to visit us here on the farm. Just give a call first in case it’s a day we might be in town doing restaurant deliveries.