Gearing Up!

The farming season is about to commence – there’s an avalanche of seeds on the dining room table, the vacume seeder arrived WITHOUT instructions and is piled on the sofa, literally tons of organic soil amendments are taking over the barn, not to mention the lamb in diapers running around my house nibbling on everything it can get its teeth on.  It’s all going to explode in beautiful chaotic greeness in just a few short weeks. I’m trying to get everything as organized as possible before it hits.

Jack Hardbridge is returning to the farm this season. He worked last year doing a bit of everything and learning the ropes. He will be a senior this coming year and has chosen our farm to do his Patriot Project (a graduation requirement at Owen Valley). He is such a willing worker and has a great personality. You’ll probably see him at our Bloomington Farmers Market booth this summer. I am so grateful for young people who are interested in learning how to grow their own food in harmony with the land. It’s not always easy. Most things that are worthwhile come with effort. Last spring was an epic battle with weeds and grass. Some plantings were just a lost cause and we ended up turning them under and replanting. Many others would have doused them with Round Up and declared victory over the weeds. But at what cost?  The soil here is alive and willing to nurture what we plant. If we assault it with chemicals, destroy its life force, what have we gained?  Sometimes it best just to start over. We replanted and were blessed with abundant harvests. It wasn’t necessarily what we had planned, but we had to adapt, change course and move on. What wonderful life lessons, whether you are 17 or several decades older.

There’s a raucous starting upstairs. I hear the trotting of tiny hooves on the tile and loud wailings, “Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!”  It truly does sound just like “Ma!”.  It’s like having a toddler. You try to quietly tip toe by his room, hoping he won’t see or hear you, so you can finish up that project before he wakes up. But, no way!  They have radar – there she is!  I’m hungry!  “Ma! Ma! Ma!”