About Us

Heartland Family Farm began nearly 20 years ago on a small piece of borrowed land.  It was my dream to be able to make a living doing something I really enjoyed and to have my children work alongside of me. My earliest childhood memories are of walking down a fresh plowed row with the soft, cool soil between my toes, picking up potatoes. Even now I remember how it felt and the rich, deep smell of earth. As I grew, I spent every summer helping my old German grandmother in the family garden. I helped pick buckets and buckets of red ripe tomatoes, baskets of green beans, onions, radishes, black seeded Simpson lettuce, juicy purple grapes and the list goes on and on. I learned how to mulch plants to conserve moisture, how to use natural fertilizer and pest control, but most importantly, I learned how to closely observe what was happening in the garden so that I learned how to recognize early warnings of plant distress or insect infestation.  It was the daily morning walk through all of the garden areas, monitoring the health of the plants, that taught me the most.  It’s a practice I continue to this day.  It allows us to catch problems early and treat them before they become huge issues.

We now grow berries, tree fruit, tons of heirloom vegetables and fruit on 10 acres. The rest of our 40 acre farm is dedicated to pasture, alfalfa, pond, barns and hoop houses. We are only 15 minutes west of Bloomington – our products are truly just down the road.  We offer farm tours, educational workshops, plant sales and days just for relaxing amid the hustle and bustle of the growing season.  If your group is interested in a farm visit just contact us.

Our committment to you is to have the very best nutritious, flavorful, chemical free products you’ve ever tasted!

Bon Appetit!